Saturday, September 5, 2015

Promoted Staff!

It is now September. That means, I need to promote our staff and maybe add some more staffs ;)

So, I promoted my friend Debdra60 for a position of MAIN ADMIN. Please congratulate him :)

Then, I promoted ZuperBlogger96 for a special position and mainly changed his tag to [Coder] and he is now our TEAM CODER. Yay!

Lastly, I finally promoted Qwerty54 to an ADMIN position :) And, he requested to change his name to Cutie Green5 (his penguin name) and you guys can call him Greenie.

And, that is not all. Until tomorrow, I am still looking forward for a new MODERATOR. So, keep those requests coming because I will be adding a new moderator tomorrow! You can apply at the top of the page.

~[Owner] Chillax

Help us keep up with the Blog ; Reload Power!

Hello this is Chillax.

We are having trouble keeping the blog up because of some certain issues. Including, financial issues.

To help keep this blog up, you can donate to us.
Information about donation will be sent to you if you sent us an email on

You can also help us by using our Reload Power!
Information about Reload Power is on the right of your screen. (It is on red text)

And lastly, you can help by visiting our site more often or inviting your friends / family to visit our site. We need that in order the views count will increase and Google will help us keep the blog up.

Thank you for supporting us.
And, I am glad to tell you that in a span of 2 years, we already earned $123.04 for those who used Reload Power. Thank you for all your support.

As our thank you, we updated the FREE MEMBERSHIP PAGE and you all can use the code for a week membership!

If the code has been used, you can comment to this post and we'll reply with a week membership code. 

[Owner] Chillax

Fixed It!

The Blog Time is now successfully working again.

But, it had stopped working on the mobile version on our blog. Just switch to Desktop Version to keep up date.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blog Time : Stopped Working!

The Blog Time stopped working as of now!

We are now looking for the solution to fix it.


Promotion Party

We will be having a Promotion Party at Club Penguin later.

It will be hosted by the following:
  • Chillax
  • ZuperBlogger96
  • debdra60
  • Qwerty54
We would be glad if you come.

Details will be posted later :)

~CPC Team

Promoting a Staff!

We are promoting [mod]Qwerty54 to an Admin position now!

Congratulations to Qwerty54. Please approach Chillax for your new tag. Once you approached Chillax, you will be successfully promoted and the Staff Page will be updated.

Thank you for your hardwork.


Facebook Page is still active!

Our Facebook page can still post and still active as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

Waddle On!

Twitter Account Suspended!

Our Twitter Account has been suspended as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.

Contacting Twitter now.
I will be informing you when will we get it back.

Waddle On!

Item Adder Approved!

Item Adder has been approved and has been working as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

New Money Maker updated!

Money Maker has been updated and ready to use.

Fixed by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

Waddle on!