Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blog Time : Stopped Working!

The Blog Time stopped working as of now!

We are now looking for the solution to fix it.


Promotion Party

We will be having a Promotion Party at Club Penguin later.

It will be hosted by the following:
  • Chillax
  • ZuperBlogger96
  • debdra60
  • Qwerty54
We would be glad if you come.

Details will be posted later :)

~CPC Team

Promoting a Staff!

We are promoting [mod]Qwerty54 to an Admin position now!

Congratulations to Qwerty54. Please approach Chillax for your new tag. Once you approached Chillax, you will be successfully promoted and the Staff Page will be updated.

Thank you for your hardwork.


Facebook Page is still active!

Our Facebook page can still post and still active as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

Waddle On!

Twitter Account Suspended!

Our Twitter Account has been suspended as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.

Contacting Twitter now.
I will be informing you when will we get it back.

Waddle On!

Item Adder Approved!

Item Adder has been approved and has been working as of now.

Checked by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

New Money Maker updated!

Money Maker has been updated and ready to use.

Fixed by [Admin]96.
Approved by [Owner]Chillax.

Waddle on!

New Template?

Hello CPCheaters!

This is me, ZuperBlogger96. I make the edits, coding for this site. So, I pretty much made this site.

I have talked to the other admins and Chillax, and we are happy to change the template of this site. I just got my new computer and ready to make the new template.

I'll probably change the template next week so expect a maintenance any time this week. Thank you CPCheaters.

Waddle on!