Basic Rules:

  • Do not perform sexual acts, or ask others to perform sexual acts with you.
  • One of the limitations of the original game is no cussing. We have lifted that limitation, as most servers do. However, if you have a so called "sailor mouth" (being very vulgar), please try to limit yourself. Cussing is fine, just don't go overboard with it.
  • Please do not ask for a staff position or for VIP. You may earn a position by being helpful, active, and nice to other players. You may buy VIP buy logging into the manager and going to the VIP page. You may also earn it, by doing the same things you would do to earn a position.
  • Try to be respectful and not harass other players.
  • We don't allow the advertising of other sites, at all, unless officially advertised by staff.
  • Do not ask for yourself or someone else to be unbanned, if you know you were banned for a reason. If the ban was unfair, that is when you may ask. What will increase your chances of getting unbanned is if you have proof of the ban being unfair.
  • Don't spam continuously. It's just annoying to everyone, except yourself maybe.

Rules on Hide And Seek Server: