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  1. Hi i’m Calender, today i’m applying for Mod or Admin unless you make me something that’s fine to.I have looked around and I love the idea of your CPPS’. I would like to apply for staff .So let’s get started, I have experience with cpps’s I have been owner on about 4 cpps’s,administrator on 3, staff leader on 2 to 6,and moderator .Now if I were to be aware of any usernot abiding by the rules I would comfront them and give them a warning to stop breaking that rule, and if they wish to continue to now follow the rules I would then kick the user then ban the user. When it comes to cpps’s i’m strict staff member but i’m also nice. I’m fair,I deal with problems upon me,i’m a nice person,I don’t abuse the commands or powers,i’m responsible so when I do something wrong I stand up and man up to my punishment,also I log on hourly after school every day so i’m active,i’m mature so I don’t say childish things,i’m a patient person but i’m still working on my patience,when a new user comes on I welcome them to the cpps and help them with what ever they need help with whether it’s wanting to know a command or wanting to know the rules or an item id also I do notify them of who’s staff,I can create and edit a whole website,I know how to run a database,I don’t lie,i’m loyal to the users and staff members,i’m respectful so I don’t yell or swear at any user or staff,also I respect a persons privacy so I don’t give out they’re personal information without their permission,I do what i’m told by a rank higher than me,I listen to users ideas,and most importantly i’m a lovable and fun person to be around. Now if any user wasn't having fun I would go up to them and try to cheer them up with a kind complement or throw a partie to let them have fun.Now the most important thing that I believe is that every user on any and every cpps has the right and deserves to be safe and to have fun! Well that’s pretty much my application if you want to contact me my email is, and my Skype is shampton99. Also my username in the cpps will be Calender . I hope you take the time out of your day to read my application and I hope it wasen’t a waste of your time. I hope you get back with me thank you and have a good day! -Calender

    Ps:Send it Back Soon as you Seen my mail and reply me back in this Mail

    By -Calender-

    ps if you accepetd me send email by

    1. We will send you an email tomorrow because our admins are quite busy right now. (So I'm not an admin so I can't make you an Admin or a Moderator).

      Thank You for your patience!

    2. This is now an Admin.
      So I decided to make you a Moderator of the website. Just give me your Google Email here or on (but I recommend you just write it here/reply). So I guess we'll call you Calender, if you don't want that name, just ask me and I will change it right away! You will be a mod in our Old CPPS because we can't contact the owner of our New CPPS. But don't worry because we'll bring back our Old CPPS here and just create a new account there :)

      *Just remember, to don't post bad words into the Blog Home.
      *We can't contact your email address (That's why we just wrote it here)

      Thank You, Calender and Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy being a Moderator on out CPPS and in the Blog.
      ~TeddiBearr (My Email: TeddiBearr@Cpps.In)

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