Guess This Penguin! (New Game)

Guess This Penguin is now back!

And the rules quite changed! The rules will be on the new page where the contest will happen.

The new page will be posted on February 23, 2014.
Also, there is a new feature where you can use CREDITS in guessing the penguin! You can earn credits by winning on previous contests. Or you can trade your CP Account and we'll give you a certain credit on how old your penguin is. For example your penguin is 1400 days old, I'll give you x2 credits on how old your penguin is so, 1400 x 2 = 2800 credits! The penguin that you can guess changes every WEEK! And you can write your answer through private chat in Facebook or Twitter!

And other rules will be posted on the page where the contest will happen. And ofcourse, the same prize, it is a membership code or a toy code =).


  1. What do you think of the NEW updated game?

    And still, the host of this game is Chillax our Co-Owner.
    And everyone who creates an account on September 1,2013 will earn 500 starter credits! Exciting!


  2. dude ur team never update everything tbh pls update sumtin pls pls pls

    1. Sorry for the inconvinience. It has been updated now. And still no one won yet. Try your best to find out the penguin. REMEMBER: The resources only available is Club Penguin Blog and YouTube.


  3. I dont wanna make a penguin I have like 100000 penguins. period.

    ~Darth Kiya. Club Penguin

  4. :P how many penguin XD

  5. my penguin name: twilight3118 XD