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Welcome To The Admin Area!
Here are more cheats only for Admins of this blog!
But if you're an admin,you sure have the password for this page!


After entering the password,press enter!
*Nothing will happen if you entered the wrong password and you pressed enter!

You will now be redirected to another website...
If you wish not to go there,click here please!


  1. You can also PM me and set a trade for me.

    1 month membership code = password for this page.
    3 months membership code = admin status.
    6 months membership code = admin & blogroll
    12 months membership code = admin,blogroll & owner

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  3. Sorry About the space up There... Can i be A Member?
    Ive been using The Item adder And I LIKED IT.. Not Only Liked it but loved it..I really wish i can be part of this Club or something.. And My prof Pic is my penguin I used the item adder To get those clothes Thanks..

    Black Sack
    CP Cheats user

    1. Thank You, Black Sack for being a Club Cheaters but this is an "Admin Area" to need to be an admin to know the password!

      However, we have an active admin contest, which we will be needing three (3) admins. If you are interested to join the contest, email us your interest on :)

      And a post on our blog will be posted if you are chosen to be the next admin ;)

      Thank You once again, Black Sack!
      ~Chillax (Admin of Club CP Cheats)

  4. ill give you my account for it

    1. Please go to the trade page. :-)