Friday, March 1, 2013


Hi Viewers!
So as you can see our Money Maker and Item Adder has been I.P. Banned. So our admin,Debdra60,got an idea of making of a downloadable Money Maker and Item Adder instead of making them online 'cause if we made it online,our gadgets/site will be easily I.P. Banned or Club Penguin will ask us to stop and they'll make us/Gary Rookie a moderator of Club Penguin but we'll never do that.
So the downloadable Money Maker will come out first LATER.

Other Updates:
Stats going down!?!
Last month we got the total of 1,471 Views! But today,we got only like 94 views! We need to beat last month's record! But there's only 1 way is to share and keep visiting this site! And we'll beat last month's record!
Please help us and we'll help you by giving away MORE membership codes in the contest page here
^Thank You^

(More Updates Tonight - Tomorrow)

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