Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ClubCpCheats News and Updates =)

Very Sorry because our Staff is not very active !
I'm just a moderator and I was given a chance to post in this blog. So this is my first post on the blog =) YAY!
So I have bad news and good news for you guys!!

 - The Admins are Very Very Very BUSY!! So they can't post for the meantime
- The furniture adder and the igloo adder will be posted tomorrow (sorry for the wait)
- No Games, Contest, and other cool stuffs until the Admins are not busy anymore !! (This is a really bad news for all of us *even me)
- They are almost done finishing their work. It means that, they won't be busy anymore in maybe 5 days =)
- The 2 Moderators (MEMBERSHIP222, and Qwerty54) will be taking over the blog while the Admins are busy.
- The CPPS is now/still ACTIVE !!
- Some games will be developed by me and Qwerty54 when one of the admins/the owner allowed us.
- Our membership contest will be developed when the Admins are not busy anymore.

This is just the NEWS for the time =) and viewers, to develop our membership contest, you need to be VERY ACTIVE . PLEASE VIEWERS, WE NEED YOU <3 !!


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