Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Membership Contest!

Since many complains that there are few winners of our Membership Promotion... 
I (Chillax) will make my own Club Penguin Contest!

Title: Chillax CP Contest
There is another form (different than Gary Rookie's)
And it will be posted on 10 minutes!!

Contest Duration: June 16,2013 - September 16,2013
There will be tons of winners of random things!

1st prize: 3 months membership code (5 winners)
2nd prize: 3 treasure codes (3 winners)
3rd prize: 1 month membership code (3 winners)
4th prize: 7 days membership code (10 winners)
5th prize: 1 treasure code (1 winner)

^Questions about my contest?? Comment Section Please!

~Good News!
Gary Rookie is promoting Chillax to be the Co-Owner of ClubCPCheats! And Chillax will be taking control of the domain :)

#Posted by Qwerty54 and Chillax <3

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