Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Hack Release! Club Penguin Cheats Deluxe Version Beta (1.0)!

New Hack Release~
We already released the CCPC's (Club CP Cheats) Hacks Deluxe Version Beta (Version 1.0)!!

It has:
1. Item Adder - Be careful choosing an item ID or you might be banned! So, search in Google the Club Penguin's item ID's that are not patched before you write some random Item ID.
2. Membership Generator- 1,3,6,12 months! Choose one and get that membership plan! (Each plan takes 10 minutes to take effect!). And since it is beta, you might be banned! Even you chose 1 month. So test it first on another account.
3. Trainer - Our trainer on this deluxe hacks has no hacks (like teleporting and etc.). We just made this trainer so you won't have to go to after you used the item adder and membership generator. :) But, on the next version, we are sure to make it cooler. :)

How to get this Deluxe Hack?
Know the Facebook and Twitter contest? If yes, this hack's download link will be the one of the prize there! And that's right! Since, everyday the prize changes, there will be only 2 winners! One for Facebook contest and one for the Twitter contest!

How to get this hack, other way?
You can buy this hack for $10 (sorry for the price) but it's totally worth it because $10 is for ALL the version of the hacks! If you are interested, email us at with the subject of CHEATS DELUXE. 

Screenshot of the hack: 

Thanks everybody!

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