Saturday, February 22, 2014

Club Penguin News and A new promotion!

Proposed by me. New template! But still needs the approval of the owner and co-owner.

And some Club Penguin News:
"What's New? -Club Penguin Team and Club CP Cheats"
Today is the fair day. So that means "The Fair" is going to be the party today. Also Rookie will be visiting! So keep your eye out for Rookie because he might be giving free backgrounds! (The best about Club Penguin parties!) Also, at The Fair has new amusement parks and also the classic fair games are also back (with new art!). Of course, for the members, Club Penguin is offering a new offer to them! It states that Members can get UNLIMITED access to the Fair Rides! Also, members can buy Fair Games at their own igloos! Isn't that fun?....
So, Club CP Cheats has thought of giving cool memberships every weekend! Here's the news, we're setting up a contest, again. And every saturday we'll pick a random user who has finished up filling up the form & sent up through email. And the user's name will be announced on the blog. (This news has now been approved by Chillax)


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