Friday, June 5, 2015

Buying memberships

As you may have noticed, we aren't that active in Club Penguin anymore. Usually, we host meetups everyday. But now, we host them very rare.

We are buying a total of fifty (50) 1 month memberships this week. We are getting the money from our bank account because we are officially closing the bank account. So we thought of giving the money to our CCPCheaters :) And one way is giving away free memberships.

So, we'll update the weekly membership contests every week for the next fifty (50) weeks or less because we might give away more than 1 memberships in one week ;)

This is all proposed and approved by our panel members and all our admins. Including, our owner.

And by the way, the improvement to the contest hasn't been took place because it would cost us.

And we will be hosting meet-ups every weekends! 
You'll be able to meet:
[Owner] / [Co-Master] Chillax
[Admin] debdra60
[Admin] GRookie
[mod] Qwerty54

There will be a tab on the top of the page for the widget for the meetups.

All of these news has been composed by
[Owner] / [Co-Master] Chillax

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