Saturday, September 5, 2015

Help us keep up with the Blog ; Reload Power!

Hello this is Chillax.

We are having trouble keeping the blog up because of some certain issues. Including, financial issues.

To help keep this blog up, you can donate to us.
Information about donation will be sent to you if you sent us an email on

You can also help us by using our Reload Power!
Information about Reload Power is on the right of your screen. (It is on red text)

And lastly, you can help by visiting our site more often or inviting your friends / family to visit our site. We need that in order the views count will increase and Google will help us keep the blog up.

Thank you for supporting us.
And, I am glad to tell you that in a span of 2 years, we already earned $123.04 for those who used Reload Power. Thank you for all your support.

As our thank you, we updated the FREE MEMBERSHIP PAGE and you all can use the code for a week membership!

If the code has been used, you can comment to this post and we'll reply with a week membership code. 

[Owner] Chillax

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