Friday, January 11, 2013

Chillax Xtra

Hi Everyone!
I'm here because @Debdra60 forced me to introduce myself.
So,my name is Chillax Xtra,but you can call me Chillax just for short.
If it isn't obvious enough,I'm a Girl Blogger.
I like Club Penguin Very Much since I was a kid but now since I'm a teenager,I was going to quit playing Club Penguin instead I was going to be a Blogger.
Gary Rookie is a very close friend to me because we became a blogger at the same date,time,and the same topic which is Club Penguin.
So we met first on Twitter via Youtube because he was advertising his Twitter account on Youtube then we became friends.
Thanks to,@ZuperBlogger96,we had made this blog together with my blogging mate,@Debdra60 which is a fan of my site.
So,as expected,I will be always posting here for the latest Club Penguin News like Happy77 always did.
If you want to add my account in Club Penguin,my penguin name is Chillax Xtra but I think it's 12 months membership already expired so you'll see my wear non-member boring clothes.

~Posted By Chillax          

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