Thursday, January 31, 2013

UPDATES on ClubCPcheats!

New Club Penguin Item Adder!!
It is still in beta so everything might not work alright.
But the good thing is that you can already use it!

And other updates..
Our Membership Contest is VERY CLOSE!!!
Make sure to open your computer on February 2-3, 2013 so you'll have the chance to win the membership code!
That post will be updated once the code is already putted!

Our Club Penguin Stamp Adder (for non-members and members) is almost done!
It can add ALL STAMPS you can add for that moment ;)
If you're a member,you can add MORE STAMPS!!!
So stay updated to our blog!

With special attention to #ZuperBlogger96 and #Gary Rookie.
Our Club Penguin Trainer,which is called the "Penguin Seven" is now on CONSTRUCTION. It means that we (Debdra60,Chillax) are starting to make it!
It contains MANY COMMANDS such as:
Make A Member
Add ALL Items (Can Add Patched Items)
Make A Moderator
Ban Penguin Name:
Seven Hacks!
Be a Mascot
Be Gary Rookie
Be a Penguin by Penguin ID
Time Travel
SeveNine on the RUN.
And Many More...

~Posted By Chillax ;)

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