Thursday, February 28, 2013

CLUBCPCHEATS Party and the new upgraded CPPS!

Thank You everyone for 1,500 views!
As you can see, we already added the gadget of "Total Pageviews" and we were surprised!
Thank You again!

For that celebration,CLUBCPCHEATS is going to have a party on Club Penguin and on our very own CPPS!

On Club Penguin Celebration:
1.Go to server "Thermal".
2.Once you saw one of the admins go email us on and tell that you saw us on server Thermal.
3. Only on the party's date emails will be accepted!
*Date: March 9,2013 (Before Puffle Party will finally happen!)
*And all the emails sent in that email during the party,will get 1 month membership codes!

CPPS Celebration:
1. Go to the CPPS on the party date.
2. Check out if any admins are there.
(If there is an admin, email us in and tell that you have been on the party)
3. Wait for our reply!
*Date of party: March 10,2013
*Prizes in the CPPS Celebration are:
7 days membership code or
3 treasure book codes (Toy Codes) or
3 Coin Codes or
A moderator on the CPPS or
An admin on this blog!
Let's get partying! No required payment for the party!
And get ready for a new, upgraded CPPS after the party!
Our CPPS will be upgraded after the party for a cooler experience for the next party!

*For more parties and giveaways,we need really many views! And we'll do a large giveaway.

*My membership code secret will show up when we get many Views so keep sharing/spreading about this site!

Sneak Peek for our new UPGRADED CPPS!
This was taken on Beta-Test on our CPPS during the Prehistoric Party!
Fellow penguin try to share our CPPS.
Our new upgraded Login Page!
Our CPPS logo (not yet permanent)
Can now play games in Club Penguin!
With real mascots!
With the Rainbow Puffle and all new puffles...
Every puffle party in Club Penguin,it's also puffle party in our CPPS and you can also turn into a PUFFLE!
And many more updates soon...
Opening of our upgraded CPPS: March 17,2013!

~Posted by CLUBCPCHEATS Team!

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