Thursday, February 14, 2013

ClubCPcheats Updates!

We have been informed that our Money Maker & Item Adder has been IP Banned by hackers.
We are fixing it by making a new Money Maker & Item Adder,perhaps.
So please be patient. ^Thanks for understanding^

Other Updates..
Admin Trackers NOW WORKING!!!
You may now try our Admin Tracker for FREE and to celebrate,Gary Rookie (Rock A Star1) is being online today! Catch him now on Club Penguin and Add him as a friend!

Club Penguin Membership Contest Code now revealed!
But Considered as late!? Hahaha,Gary Rookie forgot about to post the code.But the code is posted now and I think someone already redeemed it! ;)

Guess This Penguin
-We have a Winner for Contest#1 and he/she is CopyCat!
And the correct answer is StevenHappy!
We already sent you a 7-days membership code prize!
Thank You for joining "Guess This Penguin"

Admin Area!?
Yes...we already have an Admin Area where Admin can CHAT,PLAY,CHEAT and many more...
*Only Admins know the password! But if you want to be an admin,then don't worry! Just wait for February 15,2013 for the announcement made by @Gary Rookie!

Our CPPS already here!?
Yes! Our CPPS (Gary Rookie Official Server) is already here!
Just Simply Find the page entitled "Our CPPS!!!" and click that and you will be redirected to another site ( if you already have an account there,just continue and login your account! But if you don't have an account there click here!

^Thank You!^
~Posted by Chillax

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