Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A new and improved Club Penguin Membership Raffle is now in progress!

Since I'm back, I would like to improve the other admin's work with some of their permission. I would like to improove the Club Penguin Membership Raffle.

Admins who made our standing Membership Raffle...
Name of Admin   -   Approve/Disapprove/Waiting
Gary Rookie            -     Approve
Debdra60                -      Waiting
Teddi Bearr             -      Waiting
GRookie                   -      Waiting

A total of three (3) admins are still waiting for their approval. I'm still trying my best to cantact them but I think they were too busy. A good thing, I contacted our head which is Gary Rookie and he approved it instantly! Thank you boss!

Anyways, I'll be making the Membership Raffle by myself and that means that it'll take a long time to finish it. (Oh so tired)

So my estimate is...
1 month and 2 weeks

Sorry for the very long time, but I think you'll understand because I'm the only active admin. (And also Gary Rookie who is checking the site every saturday)

News and other stories will be posted later on...


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