Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Decision Closed!

So our decision makings leaded to...
Not making a new website.

We founded that making a new website and still making this website (Club CP Cheat Link!) active will cost us more than $50 than usual. So it's like this, we pay $20 for this site and if we added a new website, our costs will be added like $50-$75. So when added, we will pay Google, $95 a month, plus making the 2 sites active $5. So total costs will lead to $100 a month! 

We're truly sorry that the new website will not be pushed through. But we can assure you that this website will improve continuously and not turning our backs.

And to totally improve this site faster, we need more views! Please tell this site to everyone you know! Please just tell them to visit this site like everyday (it will be a HUGE percentage on our ratings!) Please help and if all admins approved the membership raffle... who knows? But I think I'll add more winners! Let's say like 5 people will win everyday??  It's so nice! And all that we need is more views! Thank you CCC Users and Viewers.


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