Sunday, May 31, 2015

I am here to tell you that we are still gladly updated

We are still updated :)

Our admins update our cheats every week :) And congratulations to all of us for having 80k Views! 

We would like to thank all of you and our members who never stops believing on us.

Special Mention for our members :
Paulo Pilar
David Bivol
Mohamad Sofawi
Bloo Bubble
Brett Malone
johnny vark
Taha Rana
Finn Candle

You are all awesome. And, you could check your gmail for some surprise ;)

Sorry if it's not enough. I hope you enjoy the week.
We picked all of you eleven (11) for the winners for our 1 week membership contest. :)

Do not leave us and you'll get a month membership in our 100k views!

I am looking forward in growing our small community. And sorry, to announce this but I won't be that active anymore. I'll be leaving Chillax as the one incharge.

~[Master] GR

Gary Rookie, sign out.

By the way, my favorite mascot is Rockhopper. Not Gary nor Rookie.

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