Sunday, May 31, 2015

We're Back !

Yes, we are finally back! We removed some admins and moderators because they were really not that active. Actually, not active at all! They don't moderate the whole site. Even the chat!

You know what this means...
We are officially opening it again. To apply, just go to the Navigation at the very top of the page. We are currently waiting for 5 NEW Moderators and 1 Admin!

Please take this opportunity to be a rightful admin or moderator here at CCPC.

Applications will be accepted only until End of May (May 31).

Of course, with this news we will give you some updates.

We are currently working on a new trainer! And we will hopefully give it out to the public for free. If we hit 100k views until the End of May. 

Last year, in the month of June, we hit 40k views in just one month! This time, we are just asking for almost 20k! We are very sure that you all could do this easily!

Also, we are working on generators!
- New and improved money generator.
- New item generator.
- Puffle Generator.
- Igloo Generator.
- Igloo Item Generator.
* A Membership Generator! - Just enter your Username and Password and POOF there will be a membership inserted into your account!

This all will be coming this year.

And all problems like the iOS bug are completely fixed.
Our site is now 100% secured. Nothing will be hacked. Nothing will be gone. All thanks to Google Services.

We still need all of your support so we can put this site up.
Thank you all of you. And if not mentioned, I'll be the Co-Owner/Master of this website.

~[Co-Master] and [Owner] Chillax

All moderators will be put out due to unactiveness.
Except for our colleague, Qwerty54

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